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    "With the help of Zoho's TrainerCentral, we have made UKS School of Mrudangam available to global learners.Musical academy"

    Dr. Umayalpuram K. SivaramanFounder and lead mrudangam trainer, UKS School of Mrudangam
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    "We run a lot of programs for personality development, social improvement of children, examinations, project tracking, interviews with other companies, working with other companies, having meetings, and all those things. TrainerCentral has been incredibly helpful for us in managing all of this.Education"

    AshokPrincipal at Don Bosco InfoTech, Kilinochchi

    "I had the basics all set up, integrated with payments, etc. with help from the support team. I have to say, I did it myself, I did it very quickly and easily using TrainerCentral. Business Services"

    John MacmahonFounder of Mind Works Academy

    "With TrainerCentral, I was able to build out the modules really quite easily and quite quickly. I put in videos that I recorded, I put in all the content I recorded and formatted it all up. I set kind of a drip campaign, so it was released them weekly and it didn't really overwhelm my learners.Sports and fitness"

    Jonathan LambrianidisCoach at Fit for Life Run Club

    "I've been wanting to set up an online course for a few months, but felt concerned about the time it would take me to build it from scratch. I'm grateful I went with TrainerCentral, it's been a lot of fun to use and it's great value for money. Business coach"

    Valerie Dryden
    Valerie DrydenFounder of Outraged pink racoon
    UK medical education mentor

    "TrainerCentral has been a great find to host my career guidance workshops. It's quite effortless. I can create dedicated webpages, host classes, and interact with students, from a single point.Healthcare community"

    Dr. Yuva Ravindran
    Dr. Yuva RavindranUK medical education mentor
    Respond Right

    "Prior to TrainerCentral, we attempted to create our own ERP and LMS, integrating Zoom, but our efforts were met with significant challenges and we miserably failed. Fortunately, TrainerCentral emerged as the ultimate solution, offering a comprehensive platform. Education"

    Jay Dhami
    Jay DhamiFounder of Respond Right

    "I like TrainerCentral’s simplicity of adding lessons to courses. Other course platforms make it a convoluted, winding process to create a course and add lessons.Software trainer"

    Hugh NorrisSenior Trainer and founder of The IT Training Team
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    "With TrainerCentral, we can deliver both on-demand courses and live training, distribute digital content and as well monitor every individual’s learning progress from a single console.Healthcare community"

    Dr.B.Viduthalai VirumbiNodal Officer at PHR-NHM Tamil Nadu
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    "In my experience TrainerCentral has been a new mean to expand our business in Latin America and allowed us to build our online academy without technical knowledge. Our own Academy has been a two years dream or more, and now we could make it real with TrainerCentral in less than a month.Training academy"

    Kevin MerlosDirector General of Novazys

    "I was looking for a fully integrated platform to host both recorded courses and live lessons. TrainerCentral offers everything I need, including a website builder and email marketing options. It's a hub for a training startup like mine.Finance pundit"

    Muthuramalingam K.S.Entrepreneur and trainer at Sri Ram Stocks Solution

    "For someone like me who has never created an online course before, it was easy to get started and create a course on TrainerCentral. Anybody who wants to share their skill to the world, this platform offers a super easy, non-intimidating experience.Business coach"

    Chris KiadiiSchool Director, The Real Estate CRM School

    "TrainerCentral is an interactive training tool. We love the ease of accessibility the product offers. There are interesting features in TrainerCentral that we could not find in other solutions. Our participants found it easy to use, too.Healthcare community"

    Dr. Hadi Mohamad Abu RasheedMD and Head of Professional Development and Scientific Research Department for Qatar Cancer Society

    "In my experience, TrainerCentral allowed us to design our academy website and upload our courses in quick time. I had not worked on a similar project before and that is why I believe that TrainerCentral is a simple and friendly platform, easy to configure and navigate. I am happy with the results obtained and for the continuous improvement of the platform.Training academy"

    Lizayling GonzálezSenior Trainer at Novazys