What's New in TrainerCentral




Picture-in-Picture mode in your session

We’ve rolled out this new feature that allows you to multitask during the live session. With this feature, you can stay connected and engaged with the session in a floating window while using other browsers and applications. Additionally, you can receive notifications about the learner's activities above the floating window.

Learn more about the Picture-in-Picture feature here


Additional payment methods supported in Stripe

Now, with the Stripe payment gateway, we support various payment methods including Credit card, Bank transfer, iDEAL, giropay, Bancontact, and Sofort for learners worldwide to pay with ease.

Learn more about the stripe supported payment methods here



Add a QR code to your learner's certificate

We’ve implemented a QR code in the certificate editor to enhance the user experience. You can add this QR code to your learner's certificate. Anyone scanning this code will be redirected to the certificate verification page, where the learner's certificate will be displayed with all credentials.

Learn more about the QR code in the course and session here


Zip format support in handouts and reference materials

We’re supporting zip format in reference materials and handouts in your courses and live workshops. The zip format helps you compress one or more files together, reduces file size, and makes it easy to transfer.

Learn more about the zip format support in the reference materials, course handouts, and live lesson handouts



Introducing the latest version of the TrainerCentral Learner app

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest version of the TrainerCentral Learner app, now accessible for both Android and iPhone users. This enhanced app empowers your learners to easily access their courses and live sessions. With the app, learners can conveniently view course content, update their profiles, submit assignments, take tests, engage in interactive live sessions, and download certificates, all from the convenience of their smartphones.

Learn more about TrainerCentral Learner app here


Set a purchase limit on tickets

As an admin, you can now set a limit for the learners’ ticket purchases. This helps you manage and plan your sales strategies.

Learn more about setting the purchase limit on Free Ticket, One-Time Payment, Subscription Ticket, Payment Plan, and Part Payment here



White-label your academy

Showcasing your custom logo throughout your academy website is important for branding. White-labeling your academy's logo on the admin’s and trainers’ screens will reinforce your brand value.

Learn more about white labelling here


Set up custom gateways

Is your preferred payment gateway not listed as an option in TrainerCentral? Don’t worry, you can integrate your own custom payment gateway with your academy. You can set up the integration and start receiving your payment directly. 

Learn more about custom gateways here


Enhance the user experience in the screen share feature

The screen share feature is enhanced for a better user experience. The focus on the attendees will be undivided even while sharing your screen. The minimize, drag, and drop options will let you place the screen share window in the preferred place.

Learn more about the enhanced screen share feature here



New certificate editor

We’ve upgraded our certificate editor with new functionality. The certificate editor comprises five components: Elements, Fields, Images, Background, and Validation, providing effective and efficient customization options. This carefully designed certificate editor offers easy customization and visually appealing certificate.

Learn more about the certificate editor in courses and live workshops here


Library for certifications

The library is the storage place where admins can store their files, images, polls, and session recordings. In TrainerCentral's new certificate library, you can design and store certificate templates with ease. The customized certificates can be mapped to courses directly from the library.

Learn more about manage your library certification here


Certificate verification page

Your learners can showcase their certificates on LinkedIn or other social media platforms. The certificate's authenticity can be verified by accessing the certificate verification webpage. All certificates offered through academies powered by TrainerCentral can be verified on this page. 

Learn more about certificate verification here 


Integrate the PayPal payment gateway in your academy

TrainerCentral now supports the PayPal payment gateway, allowing learners to make secure and seamless transactions over the internet. We can now offer support for payments through a variety of gateways, including PayPal, Razorpay, Stripe, Paytm, Forte, and Authorize.net.

Learn more about configuring payment gateways in your academies here




Enjoy a new enrollment flow

Enrollment in your academy has never been easier. After enrolling, learners can instantly access their favorite courses and sessions. To ensure additional security, account verification will be mandatory during subsequent sign-ins.

Learn more about the new enrollment flow here


View all of your assignments in reports

Gone are the days of viewing assignment-wise reports. Now, you can opt for “All” in the assignment category and view all of the assignment reports under the course in single action.

Learn more about the viewing all assignments in reports here


Enhance your assignment feedback with color

From now on, your assignment comments can be highlighted with colors. Yes, we have incorporated a rich text editor in the assignment comments section, which will allow you to format your content, insert images, and enjoy an enriched user experience.

Learn more about incorporating a rich text editor to assignments comments in report here


Share approval of microphone, camera, and screen share requests with all your trainers

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing microphone, camera, and screen share access for your attendees. Now, all your trainers are given the privilege of giving that access to attendees, too.

Learn more about your trainers giving mic/camera access to attendees



Revamped test settings

Test settings have been revamped, with added emphasis on displaying test results with greater detail. You can now customize the display of learners' test results according to your specific needs. In this release, you can shuffle the answer choices, allow learners to retake tests only when they fail, and allow the display of customized test results based on the learner's pass and fail.
Learn more about Test settings



Configure taxes for the United States and Canada

Here is a huge announcement for trainers in the United States and Canada. You can now configure taxes for your course ticket based on your location. With this, you can provide a seamless and transparent purchasing experience for your learners, while ensuring tax compliance and a simplified accounting process. 

Learn more about configuring taxes for the United States and Canada



Enable the microphone and camera for all attendees

How many times have you had to grant mic and camera access to all of your participants individually?
Now you can grant access in bulk. With just one click, you can grant mic and camera access to all of your learners.

Learn more about enabling microphone and camera access for all attendees


Choose a video layout

Make your session more engaging by choosing a video layout from multiple options that aids the session well.

Speaker view: This view highlights the person currently speaking in the center of the screen.

Grid view: This view shows participants (a maximum of 20 on a page) in equal-sized blocks.

Grid dynamic view: In this view, the stream of your participants (a maximum of 20 on a page) is adjusted to fill the entire screen.

Learn more about different video layouts


Spotlight your speaker

Give your keynote speaker the participants' undivided attention throughout the session. In focus mode, you can spotlight specific participants, and their video will be displayed in the center of the screen for all of the other participants to see.

Learn more about spotlight feature


Focus Mode

If you want to eliminate distractions for your learners, you can choose this feature. In this mode, videos of trainers and other spotlighted participants will be visible, while videos of other participants will not be visible. 

Learn more about focus mode


Add a virtual background

This feature comes in handy when it comes to protecting your privacy. The virtual background feature helps you mask your surroundings and adds custom backgrounds to your video that will help filter out any distractions during your training session.

Learn more about virtual backgrounds


Hold everyone in a waiting room

How effective would it be to control your paticipants' entry into a session?

You can now hold your audience in the waiting room for a duration that you specify, and allow them into the session once you're ready.

Learn more about the waiting room


Pin a video

Want to keep track of a specific participant during a live session?

You can now pin their video to the center of your screen, while other participants' videos will be shown in your side pane. The effect of pinning a video will be visible only to you and doesn't affect the other participants' view. 

Learn more about pinning a video



View Raised hands

Now your learners can grab your attention by using the raise hands feature. You can then tend to their needs or answer their questions. Learn more about Raise hand feature


Have fun with reactions

You can now share your emotions and nonverbal feedback using emojis. This will keep the session engaging and fun. Learn more about Reactions feature



Sales Report and Transactions

There is some good news for admins who want to track their learners' purchases and the academy's overall revenue. We have added a new tab, Sales, to provide sales reports and transaction history.


Under this tab, you can view the total number of learners who bought the product in your academy, their purchased tickets, their active tickets, and their product status.


View the academy's complete transaction history under this tab. You can check the product's price, the coupon amount applied, the tax levied on the product, and more.

Learn more about sales reports and transactions


Time-based tests to improve effectiveness

You can now incorporate a timer into your test to ensure that all of your learners complete their test within the specified time. When the timer is on, learners can experience the seriousness of the test, so they’ll be more focused and able to ignore any distractions.

Learn more about time-based tests here.