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Jim James

Jim James is an international entrepreneur with over 25 years' experience running his own companies on three continents. Based now in Wiltshire, UK, Jim provides business consultancy to unnoticed entrepreneurs.

Elevating the entrepreneurial journey
By Jim James

The Academy at UnNoticed.cc is for the entrepreneur who wants practical tools and tips to market their company.

Valerie Dryden

Valerie Dryden is an online coach who is running a training company called Outraged Racoon. Her mission is to offer lively and compelling training primarily to budding managers in the engineering field.

Transforming managers to compassionate leaders
By Valerie Dryden

Empowering budding managers in the engineering field for compassionate leadership.

DeLisa Lee

DeLisa is a seasoned computer applications trainer with more than 25 years of experience in the corporate industry. She specializes in teaching complex business tools for different experience levels, mainly focused on productivity and efficiency.

Helping people to be more productive
By DeLisa Lee

Handpicked training courses for individuals to help them gain a thorough knowledge of popular business applications.

Annie Lachance

Annie Lachance has over 15 years of experience in massage therapy and specializes in using oils as natural health alternatives. She shares her experience in growing businesses and teaches the nuances of becoming a thoughtful leader.

Working Better, Not More (French)
By Annie Lachance

A course for leaders, solopreneurs, and business managers who want to improve their productivity.

Sushil Sharma

Sushil Sharma is a computer hardware enthusiast with a keen eye for printer technology. In 2015, Sushil started an online hardware services business and aspires to transform the hardware industry.

Printer Repair Basic Course
By Sushil Sharma

Learn how to dismantle printers and understand part functions in order to fix basic printer issues.

Vidya Vasudevan

Vidya Vasudevan is a superstar in building user communities and product experiences. She has 22+ years of experience in scaling diverse software products from scratch and mentor customer support professionals to deliver efficient product support.

Leverage Community to improve customer experience
By Vidya Vasudevan

Ideal for professionals wanting to create more efficient avenues for customer support.

Culinary Guru

Chef Srinubabu is the director and founder of Culinary Guru. Harnessing his global exposure, Chef Srinubabu started an online cooking course to train home cooks, budding chefs, and hospitality entrepreneurs.

The art of cooking and baking
By Culinary Guru

Certified online culinary training course that covers various aspects of cooking and baking.

Umayalpuram K Sivaraman

Dr. Umayalpuram K Sivaram is a Padma Vibushan award-winning mridangam artist. He is one of the most widely respected and admired musicians in the Indian Classical fraternity. He teaches various aspects of mridangam online and inspires thousands of aspiring musicians.

UKS School of Mridangam
By Umayalpuram K Sivaraman

UKS is an online school for aspiring musicians to learn the nuances of mridangam and various aspects of Indian classical music.

Carl Lynch

Carl Lynch is a charming math educator from Ireland, teaching advanced mathematics to junior and secondary graduates. In 2006, he started in-person study centers and then transitioned to online teaching with live classes in 2020.

Crafting Young Minds to Succeed
By Carl Lynch

Advanced tutoring classes for students to refine their skills and provide a distraction-free learning environment.

Viduthalai Virumbi Balagurusamy

Viduthalai Virumbi is a frontline leader in Tamil Nadu's state healthcare department. He plays a pivotal role in educating people about COVID-19 and works meticulously to implement precautionary measures to curb the virus spread.

Training frontline healthcare staff
By Viduthalai Virumbi Balagurusamy

A training course for state-wide healthcare staff. Improve staff efficiency and monitor course effectiveness from a central console.

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