Build perfectly structured courses with ease

TrainerCentral empowers online trainers with a perfect blend of robust tools for creating, organizing, and delivering online courses. Course automation tools like smart drip schedulers and compliance implementation modules elevate the quality of courses delivered and improves the learning experience.

Build perfectly structured courses with ease Inspirational leadership for everyone Advanced Business Communication Advanced Business Networking

Bundle your course content the right way

Seamlessly upload and categorically bundle your rich, multimedia course content for the best possible learning experience. With the easy drag-and-drop feature, it's easy to create the perfect curriculum for your courses. You can provide custom user access to select users so they can update course study materials without having to provide admin or trainer privileges. Your uploaded videos are stored on our secure native server, ensuring faster and smoother content delivery.

  • Multimedia support
  • Native content server
  • Flexible user permissions
Bundle your course content the right way
Train your learners in real time

Train your learners in real time

TrainerCentral offers a built-in, live workshop tool that empowers trainers to host live virtual classes at scale. No additional subscription or integration is required. You can add the live classes as a part of your course, or host them as a separate session. The integrated email automation makes it easy to send session reminders and other communications.

  • Breakout rooms
  • Digital whiteboard
  • Live interaction tools

Provide the best learning experience

A well-planned course structure ensures sequential learning and optimal knowledge gain. TrainerCentral's intelligent course drip and course compliance modules enable trainers to seamlessly control how learners consume their courses, regulating the pace of their learning.

  • Course compliance
  • Drip schedulers
  • Private/hidden courses
Provide the best learning experience

Harness the power of AI

AI can help you build engaging courses for your learners. TrainerCentral's AI tools are specifically designed to assist trainers throughout the course creation process, offering functionalities like automation and content generation.

  • Course curriculum generator
  • Course content generator
  • Assessment generator

Evaluate learners as they progress

Add quizzes and assignments as part of your course curriculum and evaluate learners as they complete lessons. You can also create workflows to ensure that only learners achieving a minimum grade can access the next set of content. Learners can submit assignments in any format within the stipulated time period and the trainers will be notified when new assignments are submitted.

  • Graded quizzes
  • Multimedia supported assignments
  • 360-degree view of learner progress
Evaluate learners as they progress


1. How do you build an online course with TrainerCentral?

You can launch unlimited online courses in paid plans. Upload your content, create the course sequence, and publish your courses instantly.

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2. What type of content can be added to your courses?

TrainerCentral's course builder supports videos, audio files, images, documents, PDFs, and sheets. There's no limitation on the file sizes that can be uploaded.

3. Do you need to integrate third-party applications for live classes?

No, TrainerCentral offers a built-in live workshop tool for all paid plan users. If you wish to launch live classes alone, then you can subscribe to separate live workshop plans.

4. How do you configure drip schedulers and course compliance?

You can drip-schedule course content based on a specific date or based on the number of days enrolled. Using the course compliance module, you can configure parameters such as course completion percentage, mandated lesson orders, course completion based on test grades, and much more.